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Israeli medical error causes a child from Gaza to lose his four limbs

Israeli medical error causes a child from Gaza to lose his four limbs

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Palestinian citizen from the city of Khan Younis in the  southern Gaza Strip revealed that due to a medical error committed by one of the Israeli hospitals, his child has lost his hands and feet.

Abu Ahed Farra, 37, said that their suffering has begun when his youngest son Mohammed, who was born in August 2009, started suffering from continuous diarrhea.

He said that doctors in Gaza were unable to diagnose his illness, so they moved him to an Israeli hospital, where he remained more than eight months hospitalized.

"During this period, there has been no improvement in the health condition of Mohammed" Farra said.

He added that in June 2011 the Israeli doctors injected the child with a dose of medication after which his condition has somewhat improved.

"Days after a nurse gave the child another dose without consulting the doctor, and the child's condition quickly worsened. He entered in a coma. The doctors injected him with the anti-dote and the child woke up. However, his skin color turned into black and the examinations showed that the blood was not reaching his hands and feet," the father said.

He added that they were shocked when they received an urgent request from the hospital demanding them to approve the amputation of the child's four limbs.

The family filed a lawsuit against the Israeli hospital, and the court decided that the hospital will pay all the costs of treatment and accommodation of the child in hospital.

Mohammed Farra, who will be four years old after few months, still suffers from a difficult health condition. He has not fully recovered from his illness, and ended up losing his limbs due to a medical mistake.


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