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Warning against Israeli jailers torturing prisoner Barghouti to death

Warning against Israeli jailers torturing prisoner Barghouti to death

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Waed Society for Detainees and Ex-detainees warned of Israeli prison administration’s recent subjugation against Palestinian Jordanian prisoner Abdullah Barghouti.

It explained that such may be an episode of the Israeli systematic torture that possibly take his life as many jailed prisoners before. 

Israeli jails forces isolated on Thursday evening Hamas leader Abdullah Barghouti, who is serving the longest term ever with 67 life sentences.

The society said Barghouti, along with a number of Jordanian prisoners in Israeli jails, has been on hunger strike for 15 days, demanding their human rights guaranteed by all international conventions, like the right to family visits.

It added that “he announced his strike on drinking water late Thursday evening in response to solitary confinement,” noting that “he will not break his strike unless he is out of his solitary cell,”

The society thought of the Israeli authorities ignoring his just demands and continually abusing psychologically and physically him as a threat looming to his life.

Abdullah Barghouti, 33, from Beit Rima village in Ramallah, is married and a father of two daughters and a son. He left for South Korea to earn a living, working in carpentry. He had a degree in Mechanical Engineering from there.

He engaged in the Palestinian resistance movement with the outbreak of the 1st Al-Aqsa Intifada in 1987, though he doesn’t have the Palestinian identity, and was traveling on false identities. Barghouti was accused of carrying out the Subarro explosion in Israel, and from that moment, Abdullah became wanted to Israel.

Abdullah was arrested for a short time in 2001. The hardest arrest,  his wife says, was in 2003 on charges of affiliating to Al-Qassam Brigades, preparing the suicide bombers, preparing Hamas groups, upon which he was sentenced to 67 times for life.

During his arrest, Abdullah was exposed to hard pressure to recognize his fellows, long-lasting severe investigation, and sleep deprivation for long periods.


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