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Gaza citizens appeal to reopen Rafah crossing to them

Gaza citizens appeal to reopen Rafah crossing to them

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Hundreds of Palestinians held at the Egyptian side of Rafah border crossing appealed to the Egyptian authorities to quickly open the crossing to them to enter the Gaza Strip.

Mohammed Esleem, one of the held Palestinians, told Alray “the crossing is crowded with returnees from Egypt’s territory since morning; they’ve become in hundreds,” adding “among whom are children, women and disabled people,”

A number of Egyptian police and army conscripts, angry at the abduction of a number of their colleagues in Sinai, closed the crossing in both directions on Friday morning, according to Alray Rafah correspondent.

Director General of border crossings Maher Abu Sabha said they are in active contact with the Egyptian authorities in order for reopening the Rafah crossing, neutralizing the Gaza Strip of the Egyptian internal differences, and facilitating entry of travelers.

A number of Gaza citizens pending at the Egyptian crossing’s lounge said the Egyptian officers posted signs at the gate of the crossing calling for the Egyptian presidency to resolve their case.

It is noteworthy that a number of Egyptian officers detained a number of Palestinian pilgrims for hours Thursday at dawn at a barrier on Arish’s main street, as they had left Arish airport on their way to the Gaza Strip.

According to media sources, the soldiers’ closure of the crossing comes in protest against the abduction of 7 recruits in Sinai on Wednesday morning.


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