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Rizqa warns of a new Oslo Agreement

Rizqa warns of a new Oslo Agreement

Al Qassam website - Dr. Yousef Rizqa, political adviser to Gaza prime minister, warned against "a new catastrophe similar to the Oslo Accord catastrophe," in light of PA's willingness to resume negotiations with the Israeli side.


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry began a new tour in the region to push for the resumption of negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian parties. He will arrive to the Palestinian territories on Thursday.


Dr. Rizqa told Quds Press agency that due to Kerry's pressure on the Palestinian side, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to return to negotiations.


The occupation authorities are supposed to release a limited number of prisoners, detained before the Oslo agreement, and to stop the settlement construction outside the major settlements, while the Palestinian side will give up its demands concerning the borders of 1967.


Haneyya's political adviser asserted that the Palestinian people are concerned due to the new waivers submitted by Palestinian side, as they mean accepting land swaps, which forms a threat to Jerusalem.


Rizqa called on the Palestinian public opinion and the leaders of the National and Islamic factions to take firm positions and express their rejection of the return to futile negotiations.


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