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Hamas: Surrendering RoR high treason

Hamas: Surrendering RoR high treason

Al Qassam website- Gaza- The refugees’ department in Hamas movement warned that anyone surrendering the Palestinian refugees’ right of return (RoR) should stand trial for high treason.

The department said in a press release on Tuesday that remaining silent toward PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’s declared intention to give up RoR was a “crime”.

It said that Abbas told a delegation of the Israeli Meretz party last Thursday that he would agree to the cancellation of the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to Yaffa, Akka, and Safad, which practically means a surrender of RoR.

“This points to the direction of the negotiations,” the department said, adding that negotiations would not return rights to Palestinians but rather would support occupation and its claims.

It said that in the event such renunciation was made then punishment for high treason would be inflicted on all those involved.

The Palestinian people did not authorize anyone to give up its rights, it said, asking the PLO to clarify its position vis-à-vis those who renounce RoR.


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