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Hamas: threatening Gaza is useless

Hamas: threatening Gaza is useless

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Threats, that Israel will wage an aggression against the Gaza Strip, are useless, Musa Abu Marzoq, the spokesperson for the Islamic Movement of Hamas, said.

"The Israeli occupation could not make the people of the Gaza Strip lean. Still the same, siege and crisis did not change anything in the Gaza Strip," Abu Marzoq said.

Abu Marzoq underestimated the threats that internal turmoil may take place in the Gaza Strip. "Some tried to put the Gaza Strip in a big mess but failed," said Abu Marzoq.  

Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people to rule; it never usurped power like others want to do, Abu Marzoq said, referring to Azzam Al-Ahmed, a senior Fatah leader.

Obsessions have grown that a war against the Gaza Strip may take place, especially in the aftermath of the operations Egypt lead to destroy tunnels on the borders.


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