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EQB: Gilad Shalit will face the fate of "Ron Arad", If the Zionist enemy continued its procrastination

EQB: Gilad Shalit will face the fate of


Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, threatened that the Zionist soldier Gilad Shalit have will face the fate of Zionist pilot Ron Arad, in the event of the Zionist procrastination in accomplishment the prisoners deal.


Abu Obeida, the Brigades spokesman, said during a military maneuver carried out by the Brigades men in the southern of Gaza Strip, that the option of kidnapping Zionist soldiers is still available for the liberation of all Palestinian prisoners from Zionist jails and detention camps.


Abu Obeida warned the Zionist enemy from procrastination in responding to the demands of the Resistance factions, and said: "If the Zionist obdurancy continued, they can consider that Gilad Shalit is Ron Arad No. (2)."

It is noteworthy that Al Qassam Brigades Abducted the Zionist soldier Shalit on June 25, 2006, after suffering injuries following an attack by Al Qassam Brigades and two Palestinian resistance factions, the operation was called "the wasteful Illusion."


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