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Abu Marzouk: Third intifada in the offing

Abu Marzouk: Third intifada in the offing

Al Qassam website- Cairo- Political bureau member of Hamas Dr. Mousa Abu Marzuok has belittled the importance of US secretary of state John Kerry’s economic plan for the West Bank.

He said in a statement on his Facebook account on Monday that the four billion dollars plan would not succeed in saving the Palestinian Authority from political failure and would not abort a third intifada, which is in the offing.


Abu Marzouk noted an escalation in Israeli raids into West Bank refugee camps over the past few weeks that led to the martyrdom of a number of young men.


He also noted growing protests against negotiations and security coordination.


The Hamas leader said that recent targeting of Israeli soldiers served, along with the previous facts, as additional pointers to the approaching intifada.


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