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Hamas: The UN, Feltman look at things with one eye

Hamas: The UN, Feltman look at things with one eye

Al Qassam website- Gaza- The Hamas Movement strongly denounced Jeffrey Feltman, the deputy secretary-general of the UN, for considering the tunnel that was discovered lately east of Khan Younis district in Gaza a breach of the truce agreement.

Its spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated in a press release on Wednesday that Feltman looks at things with one eye.

"Feltman's remarks were biased in favor of the Zionist occupation and ignored all the attacks and violence that had been committed by the occupation against Gaza and its people," the spokesman stated.

Barhoum noted that Israel almost on a daily basis attacks farmers and fishermen, bulldozes agricultural lands and kills or kidnaps civilians every once in a while in the besieged Gaza Strip.

He stressed that such remarks vindicated further the failure of the UN and the international community to do justice to the occupied Palestinian people and protect them against Israel's murder and oppression.

"The resistance has realized that it has the right to find a way to protect and defend its people against the use of all weapons of death and destruction by the occupation," the spokesman underlined.


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