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Gaza's Ministry of Health Warns of Looming Medical Disaster

Gaza's Ministry of Health Warns of Looming Medical Disaster

Al Qassam website\ Agencies Gaza Minister of Health Mofid Mukhalalati warned that the halt of the Gaza Power Plant (GPP), the only power plant in the Strip, signals serious problems in health services.

In a press conference held on Saturday, Mukhalalati warned of unprecedented problems in health services that would have significant health implications on patients in hospitals and medical centers in the besieged Strip especially that the power plant has stopped functioning two weeks ago due to fuel shortage.

According to crisis management plan, the Health Ministry used at least 500,000 liters of fuel per month to run electric generators in light the acute fuel shortage, he added.

Mukhalalati said power cuts will directly impact the health of many patients in hospitals and medical centers, especially those in the emergency departments, intensive care units, operation theatres, and 476 patients who need kidney dialysis as well as infants in 45 incubators. He added that power cuts will also affect the 5 blood banks, radiology departments, laboratories and refrigerators needed to store vaccines and medication.

He called on the international community and human rights organizations concerned with health sector to take immediate action in order to support patients’ rights to treatment and to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to lift the siege.


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