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Palestinians demolish part of Apartheid Wall near Jerusalem

Palestinians demolish part of Apartheid Wall near Jerusalem

Ramallah - Activists in the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements have managed to demolish at dawn Friday part of Israeli Apartheid Wall north-west of occupied Jerusalem, and to uproot the barbed wire southern Ramallah near Israeli military Ofer camp.

The Popular Committee said that its activists demolished on Friday a ten-meter high portion of the Apartheid Wall near the village of Beir Nabala, northwest of Jerusalem.

The Popular Committee's statement said that another group uprooted ten meters of the barbed wire around Ofer prison near the villages of Rafat and Bil’in, opened the iron gate erected to the entrance of Bil'in village, and raised the Palestinian flag on the ruined part of the Apartheid Wall.

One of the Popular Committee's activists said that such activities carried out by the Popular Committees aim at inflicting heavy losses on the Israeli occupation.


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