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Palestinian Detainees In Asqalan Conduct Hunger Strike

Palestinian Detainees In Asqalan Conduct Hunger Strike

Gaza - The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Palestinian detainees held at the Israeli Asqalan Prison started an open-ended hunger strike after special units of the Israeli army invaded the prison on Monday November 18 2013, and injured several detainees.

The PPS said that tension is gradually mounting in the prison compound as more troops are seen, apparently preparing for an additional assault against the detainees. 

It added that the army broke into room number 15 in the prison where several detainees are held, and violently searched it while also attacking the political prisoners. 

The soldiers then broke into room 13, and also violently searched it, and alleged that one of the soldiers was injured after being attacked by the detainees who denied the Israeli claim describing it as baseless.

The thirteen detainees held in room 13 were moved out of their room after being strip-searched and cuffed. 

The soldiers then moved several Palestinian political prisoners to section 4 of the prison compound where Israeli prisoners, imprisoned for criminal offenses, are held while the rest were forced into solitary confinement. 

The Prison Administration also decided to strip the detainees of their right of family visits for a full month, and confiscated all their electrical equipment, in addition to causing damage in the rooms.

In related news, the PPS said that a court session was held for hunger-striking detainee Karam Al-Faseesy, and that a ruling in his case might be issued in the coming few days.

The detainee started his hunger strike on August 29 protesting his arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges, especially after Israeli occupation decided to keep him imprisoned for an additional three months.


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