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44 Killed, 2702 kidnapped Since the Resumption of Negotiations

44 Killed, 2702 kidnapped Since the Resumption of Negotiations

Occupied Palestine - Palestine Liberation Organization - Negotiation Affairs Department issued, Wednesday, a report revealing the number of Israeli violations that were committed since the resumption of negotiations, as follows:

Since the resumption of negotiations in July 30th 2013, Israel has escalated its aggressions against the people in the occupied State of Palestine. During the past 7 months Israeli occupation has advanced 10,489 housing units in Israeli settlements (or over 52,000 new settlers), killed 44 Palestinians, conducted 3,360 military raids, kidnapped 2702 Palestinians, demolished 154 homes as well as settlers have conducted 497 terror attacks.

At the same time, dozens of Palestinian institutions, notably the Orient House and the Chamber of Commerce, continue to be closed by Israeli occupation, in defiance of its obligations as an occupying power. For a just peace to prevail, the international community has the responsibility to hold Israeli occupation accountable for its international law and human rights violations that continue to affect the people of Palestine on a daily basis.

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