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Badran: Nothing justifies the PA recognition of the "Jewishness of Israel"

Badran: Nothing justifies the PA recognition of the

Al Qassam website- Ramallah- Hamas spokesman Husam Badran stressed that nothing justifies the Palestinian Authority’s recognition of the "Jewishness of the occupation state."

Member of the Revolutionary Council of the Fatah movement Ziad Abu Ein had revealed in a statement to Quds Press that some Arab countries expressed readiness to recognize the "Jewishness of Israel" if this was accepted by the Palestinian Authority.


Husam Badran said on Saturday "when the PA leadership adopts a real and honest position against the occupation and its plans and decides to return to the option of resistance, it will find support from all Palestinian and Arab parties."


The Hamas leader reiterated his movement’s rejection of the U.S. position that "is biased to the occupation" and the futile negotiations.

He also called for halting the negotiation process, moving towards a true national partnership based on resisting the occupation and adhering to the national constants


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