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Gaza death toll hits 166 as Israeli airstrikes continue to kill civilians

Gaza death toll hits 166 as Israeli airstrikes continue to kill civilians

Al Qassam website - Two Palestinian citizens died Sunday of wounds they sustained in earlier Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, bringing the total number of Palestinian casualties to 166 so far.

Spokesman for the health Ministry Ashraf al-Qudra identified the casualties as Hussein Abd al-Qader Muheissen, 19, and Haithem Ashraf Zu’reb, 21.

According to a survey conducted by PIC reporters in Gaza, at least 166 citizens were killed so far while more than 1120 others sustained severe injuries. Dozens of civilians’ homes have been reduced to rubble all along the random Israeli raids.

Death toll and the number of injured Palestinians have been dramatically on the rise ever since the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) initiated such a brutal military campaign against the Gaza Strip over the past seven days.

The raids took away the lives of dozens of Gazan children, some of whom have been identified by PIC team as follows: one-and-a-half year old child Muhammad Malaka; 4-year-old Muhammad Khalaf al-Nawasra; Abdulah Ramadan Abu Ghazal, 5;  Siraj Iyad Abd al-Al, 8, Basem Salem Kawara’a, 10; Meriam Atiya al-Arja,11: Muhammad Arif, 13; and Moussa Habib 16.

PIC survey further kept record of a moment-by-moment account of Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip, most notably the round of airstrikes hitting Palestinian civilians’ homes on daily basis.


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