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Ten mosques bombed during Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Ten mosques bombed during Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Al Qassam website - Israeli warplanes bombed Farouq mosque in Nuseirat camp in Gaza Strip before dawn prayers on Saturday, which led to its complete destruction in addition to significant damage to the neighboring homes.

Few days ago, 4 Palestinians were killed and 5 others were injured in an Israeli airstrike on the martyr Anwar Aziz mosque in Jabaliya

According to the Awqaf Ministry, at least 10 mosques were directly bombed during the past five days including two mosques in Khan Younis and two mosques in northern Gaza.

On Friday, Israeli warplanes targeted Dar al-Salam mosque’s surrounding areas, which led to the killing of one citizen and the injury of eight others while on their way back home after performing Tarawih prayers.

Three other Palestinians, including an elderly man, were killed while heading to Rahman mosque to perform Magrib prayers.

In this regard, Undersecretary of Awqaf Ministry Dr. Hassan Sifi said that targeting mosques by Israeli warplanes exposed Israel’s spiteful, barbaric image.

Everybody can see now the evidently racist essence of such Israeli terrorism against Gazan civilians, which comes out into view quite observably in the droves of jets, gunboats, and artillery rocking the Strip, he elaborated.

“Israeli hatred culminated in the bombing of cemeteries, mosques and places of worship, most notably al-Farouq mosque in Nusairat and Anwar Aziz in the northern province”.

He said that bombing places of worship is a flagrant violation of divine laws and international conventions. He held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the continuing crimes, calling for providing urgent protection for the Palestinian people and places of worship.

Dozens of mosques were totally or partially destroyed during Israeli wars against Gaza in 2008 and 2012.