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Euro-Mediterranean: 12 Palestinian refugees killed in Yarmouk

 Euro-Mediterranean: 12 Palestinian refugees killed in Yarmouk

Al Qassam website - The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights said twelve residents of Yarmouk refugee camp died because of the continuation of bombing and clashes inside the besieged camp.

In a statement on Saturday, the Observatory called for opening humanitarian pathways to help the people of Yarmouk refugee camp.

It also warned of the “unprecedented humanitarian conditions” under which about 20,000 civilians including 3,500 children are living amid bombing and violent clashes since the Islamic State’s (IS) attempt to take over the camp last Wednesday.

The Observatory said the camp, which has been besieged by the regime forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad for almost two years, has been exposed to severe bombing for four days in a row.

Many areas were affected as entire structures were totally ruined. Dozens of casualties have also been reported.  

The IS fighters kidnapped dozens of Palestinian refugees including eighty people from one area. Two girls were kidnapped from their house in addition to other relief activists.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory called on the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) along with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to work on opening humanitarian pathways for the camps’ inhabitants and to coordinate with the Syrian forces to evacuate dozens of the wounded.  

The Observer addressed a message to the European Commission for Human Rights to pressure the Syrian regime, as being in charge of the camp and its refugees, in order to protect the Palestinian refugees and to lift the siege on the camp.  


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