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Comments on the situation

Comments on the situation

By Khalid Amayreh - I-Palestinians must guard against unjustified euphoria

Following the latest Palestinian diplomatic achievement at the United Nations, thousands of people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip took to the street and held rallies, celebrating the recognition of Palestine as a non-member state of the world body.

Many have been prompted to think that actual and tangible statehood is in the offing and that it is only a matter of a few months or few years at the maximum before the state of Palestine becomes a political and geopolitical reality.

But with all due respect to these people, it is crystal clear, at least from this writer's view point. that they are indulging in day-dreaming.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in dreaming, including day-dreaming.

However, when dreaming is an expression of frustration and depression, it becomes pathological and morbid in nature however collective and legitimate the dream may be.

We Palestinians experienced a similar feeling of euphoria and rhapsody in the aftermath of the conclusion of the hapless Oslo Accords in the early 1990s. Some of our people went too far as to replace the standard Islamic greeting "As-salamu alaikum" (peace on you) with "tahiyatul dawla" or "Statehood greeting."

I remember that people like this writer were then denounced rather fiercely as "eternal pessimists" because they didn’t go with the flow and actually questioned the overwhelming optimism.

Unfortunately, we are undergoing a similar episode of irrational ecstasy these days, with rabbles as well as so-called leaders and intellectuals expressing extreme and unreserved joy over the "historical triumph" at the UN. This is really sad and depressing. It reveals that not only many of our people are hopelessly frustrated but that too many of us are still politically illiterate and irredeemably naïve.

I am not a prophet of doom and gloom and have no intention to spoil our "moment of joy." However, a simple fleeting look at the latest UN resolution shows that the resolution is really nothing out of the ordinary.

In the final analysis, Israel and her guardian-ally, the United States, know for sure that the Zionist state is illegally and illegitimately occupying a land that belongs to another people, the Palestinian people. And the world knows too well that Israel is violating international law and shamelessly flying in the face of the international community. So what is new?

Yes, the latest resolution might encourage and embolden the Palestinians to step up their enduring and just struggle against Zionist fascism and America's acquiescence to it. But will anything change on the ground? Will the world move to enforce its will by forcing Israel to respect it by ending its military occupation of "the state of Palestine"? Indeed, one would have to be a little deranged to believe that this will be the case.

As I said, I don't object to our people voicing hope for freedom from a Nazi-like occupation that seeks to extirpate us from our ancestral homeland. What I am objecting to is the unrealistic and exaggerated expectations the Palestinian leadership, Chairman Abbas, is raising amongst the people. This sort of behavior on the part of the PLO leadership is inappropriate and would only increase our frustration and disappointment later.

II-Netanyahu's mendacious tongue

Binyamin Netanyahu is not an ordinary politician. Certainly he is not a visionary or a wise statesman. He is actually a thug of a politician, a man who imbibes mendacity and dishonesty as we breathe the oxygen of life.

The Israeli premier probably boasts of his ability to lie and deceive the rest of the world, especially the sheepish Americans. Well, skill in lying is never a virtue, especially coming from someone whose scriptures teach "thou shall not lie." It is rather a disgusting sickness, from both the mental and moral perspectives.

This week, Netanyahu regurgitated his entire inventory of lies, claiming that the Palestinians were not interested in peace and that their bid at the UN vindicated his views.

Well, I hate to have to respond to this man's obscene lies. He is just committing adultery with truth, and history if not with language itself. This is probably what prompted former US president Bill Clinton to refer to Netanyahu as "impossible."

Netanyahu must know that Zionist Jewish invaders from Eastern Europe and elsewhere came to Palestine, massacred its native people, destroyed their homes, stole their land, poisoned their water of life, and then expelled them to the four winds. And after all this murderous savagery, this late-comer thug and cohorts have the chutzpah to call their unwept victims terrorists and other names.

Netanyahu wants the Palestinians to die quietly and to be tormented and oppressed as noiselessly as possible. He wants the Palestinian holocaust to go on and on and on without clamor or an outcry, in order to enable the Zio-Nazis to complete the job of ethnic cleansing of Palestine without being compared with the Nazis.

This should make Zionist leaders even more evil than their mentors, the Nazis, as the latter didn't try to conceal what they were doing.

III-Anti-Semitism in Hungary

In recent weeks, the Jewish-controlled media in Israel and North America has launched a venomous campaign against an ostensibly anti-Jewish party in Hungary which won a number of seats in the parliament of that East European country.

The Jewish shipyard dogs from California to Sydney vociferously protested "the rise of the ugly head of racism," in Hungary, calling on the international community, especially Zionist-controlled America, to fight Hungarian fascism.

We are, of course, absolutely against all forms of fascism whether against Jews or anyone else. In the final analysis, we are the premier victims of racism here in Palestine, which happens to be practiced by the very Jews who would protest noisily the slightest negative remark made against Jews or even Israeli colonialists.

But Jewish hypocrisy, like any hypocrisy, is repulsive and unacceptable to say the very least.

The esteemed reader has every right to know that no parliament on earth has a proportionately larger number of racist thugs than does the Israeli Knesset or parliament.

Indeed, the Israeli government of Binyamin Netanyahu, is probably the most racist government under the sun. It comprises brashly racist and Nazi-like parties such as the Likud itself, ha-bayt hayehudi, National Union, Shas, etc, which believe that all the peoples of the world, with the exception of Jews, are animals of burden whose lives have no sanctity and whom the Almighty created solely so that Jews could exploit them and use them.

Besides, Israel is the only country in the world where a house or plot of land belonging to a non-Jewish family is confiscated in order to be given to Jewish immigrants coming from overseas, on the ground that "Jews" had lived in the place 4000 years ago!!!

I really don't know how Jews anywhere have the face to criticize or even rebuke Hungarian anti-Semites for their racism when Jews are indulging to nefarious acts of racism against native Palestinians, crimes that cry out to the seventh heaven, given their pornographic ugliness and evilness.

Well, this is the nature of Zionism, a diabolic movement that has unfortunately morphed numerous Jews from a people previously concerned about justice and honesty, into liars, murderers and land thieves.

It is this type of brazenly dishonest people who have the shamelessness to accuse their victims, the Palestinians , of incitement against Israel when the evil state has committed ever conceivable crime and atrocity against a people whose only "crime" is their enduring determination to earn freedom and liberty from the Nazis of our time


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