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Prisoners Memorial

Salah Al Awawda

  • Turned his jail to school
  • Dora city
Salah Al Awawda

Ashraf Rabe'a

  • Sentenced: 12 Years
  • Gaza city
Ashraf Rabe'a



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Muhammad Abed Al-Fatah Dokhan

Muhammad Abed Al-Fatah Dokhan
  • The best to get revenge to his brother
  • Al Nusierat city

The best to get revenge to his brother


Muhammad vows to get revenge at any cost to his brother Tarik, who was targeted by the Zionist occupation forces. So he belonged to the military wing of Hamas movement , Al-Qassam Brigades.


Childhood and Education

He was born in the camp of Nusiart in the middle of Gaza Strip in June 03, 1972.  He is the third son of the leader in Hamas movement , and one of the founders,  Abed El-Fatah Dukhan. The father has many effects on the son. He learned his son the love of knowledge , science , and resistance.


The life of Resistance

After his graduation from the secondary school , he insisted on sharing his brothers resisting the occupation forces in the first Intifada. The result was to be under the arrest for six months. The means of resistance were simple at that time. It was the stones , fired bottles , and others. However , Muhammad could have the developed weapon , which is the Gun , in a time of which no one can hold a bullet. He insisted on getting revenge to his brother Tarik .


Achieving revenge

In May 22,1992, Muhammad has gone to the West Bank from Gaza to share the leader Imad Aqel one of his superior operations against the occupation forces. In December 12, 1993, three Qassam men , including Imad Aqel and Muhammad Dukhan, supervising a Zionist Jeep in the city of Al-khalil. When they were at a dangerous point near the Jeep , they fired at the Jeep resulting the death of the Zionist soldier " Yuval Tutanji".


Another operation was when the same group attacked a Zionist patrol in Jenin resulting the killing of a another Zionist soldier.


These are some of the operations  from many operations done in the West Bank and Gaza Strip at the hand of Imad Aqel , Muhammad Dukhan, and other Qassam Mujahedeen. After their return from the West Bank , the occupation forces tried to arrest Muhammad by attacking his home in Japalia but he had a lucky escape at the end.


Arrested On the insist to be A Martyr

In April 11,1993, the Zionist occupation forces called the citizens in the camp of Nusiarat to curfew. "The occupation forces prepared to a big operation in the camp after this curfew." Muhmmad's mother said. " I was afraid that this operation aimed to arrest or kill my son. " she completed.


Muhammad tried to be out of the camp but the many Zionist patrols in the streets of Gaza stopped him. There was no choice to escape this time but to resist. Muhammad fired at the Zionist forces till the end of his ammunition. He was injured and fell down on the ground. The occupation forces took Muhmmad to arrest him. He was sentenced three life sentence and 20 years.


Muhammad faced a great agony from the Zionist occupation forces in the prison. He was transferred between seven prisons. His health condition is very bad in the prison after being injured eight bullets in his body. Despite the eight bullets in his body , he was tortured by the investigators of the Zionist soldiers. They continued to torture him for six hours in the Zionist cells despite the very bad health.