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Prisoners Memorial

Ahmed Salim Al Shair

  • Martyred in the jail
  • Rafah city
Ahmed Salim Al Shair

Said Shehada El-Akhras

  • Sentenced for life
  • Tulkarem city
Said Shehada El-Akhras



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Tawfiq Abu Naem

Tawfiq  Abu Naem
  • Sentence: For a life
  • Nusierat city

Strong soul and insisting for the rights

Name: Tawfiq  Abd Allah Sulaiman Abu naem

Date of Birth: 30th April 1962

Date of arrest: 14th Jun 1989

Sentence: For a life  

Charges: A member in Hamas, forming military groups and chasing the Israeli spies


Palestinian Families Live with the Hope of Reunion despite of Life Sentences and No Visitation Rights, Tens of thousands of people were arrested by the occupation over the past century. Each and every one of them is a story of suffering injustice and struggling for freedom so their words must be written with gold and keeps it in our hearts , our prisoner today spend 17 years in his jail until his age became 45 and he still there .  


In 30th of April 1962, Tawfiq  was born in Gaza valley (area between Nusierat and Buriej) and grown in conservative family. He finished his primary and prep School in the UN Schools, He moved to Khalid Ibn El Waleed high school. After high school, he joined the Islamic university and he studied Religious education. At that time, the Islamic university was just couple of tents because the occupation forces didn’t allow  them to build anything inside it.


He was known of his calm and his distinguished relationship with his parents. He joined to Islamic resistance movement – Hamas. He participated in the activities against the occupation forces such as throwing stones; and other activities. He participated with his friends in the building in the Islamic university at night because the OF was chasing every one trying to take any activity inside the university.


Circumstances in the prison:

On February 15th of 1988,  the Israeli forces arrested him for 70 days in the central Gaza jail but they failed to prove anything on him so he went out. OF return the investigation in the case after some information and confessions from his group under the humiliation and torture, OF arrested him again, he found a large numbers of Confessions so they sentenced him.


OF arrested him of being a member in Hamas, forming military groups, chasing the Israeli spies, resist the corruption sites. So he was sentenced for a life, He was moved to the desert prison, which is called "Nafha prison" and he stayed there for 17 years. He worked as representative for the prisoners for 15 years. He stayed in it until now. However, neither he nor his family loses their will to have freedom as all nations in the world which enjoy with calm and welfare.