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Prisoners Memorial

Jamal Al-Awawda

  • leader inside and out side the prison
  • Al-Khalil city
Jamal Al-Awawda

Mahmoud Hammad Mahmoud Shraitih

  • The hard soul
  • Yatta village
Mahmoud Hammad Mahmoud Shraitih



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Salah Al Awawda

Salah Al Awawda
  • Turned his jail to school
  • Dora city


Turned his jail to school


Name: Salah Al Awawda.

Date: April 15th,1993.

Charge: member in Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades. 


Many families scarified with their sons, money and every thing they had to liberate Palestine. From these families, the family of the prisoner Salah Al Awawda.



Salah born in the Karma village South of Dora in the governorate of Hebron in 1969, in the middle of sacrificing family. He grew on the good manner and the virtue.

Salah began his scientific journey in the Palestinian Relief Agency schools (Bailey), which studied until in it until the ninth grade. Then he was moved to study at the Sharia school in Hebron. He graduate and succeeded in high school. But he was arrested before he could continue his education.


Salah was known with his dedication and devotion to his duty. He was working in farming beside his studying in the school. He was participating in marketing the products from his father's land. Also he was helping his mother to carry or buy what she need.


The Brigades in the first intifada 

Salah belonged to the Islamic resistance movement Hamas since his youth. He worked in the mosques and in the charity actions in his areas. Salah is from the people who belonged to Ezzedeen Brigades in Hebron. The Zionist occupation arrested him because it realized the danger of the new organization. 



The arrest and the sentence

In April 15th,1993, a large forces invaded the village of Karma and arrested him with his brother Jamal. They were arrested under charge of being members in Ezzedeen al Qassam Brigades and helping the Palestinian resistance. They were sentenced for a life. Salah entered all the Zionist jails in the Zionist entity as Al Naqab, Majjido, and Awfer.


Salah was accused in planning to chase the traitors and the cooperators with the Zionist occupation forces. His father exposed to hit from the traitors' families. The traitors' families attacked his family. They attacked his home, and destroyed Salah's farm. His family succeeded to through this difficult situation.


Life in the prison

After the sentence, Salah accept his destiny with full satisfaction and he must get used on the prisoner life. He acclimate with the prisoners from all factions and also with his jailers. He learned the Zionists language and he became experience with it.


Salah is seeking hardly to complete his studying from inside the jail. But the jail's administrative pressure on him and moved him continuously.


Despite his hard soul and his jail turned into school, he still suffer from some diseases from his jail. His eyes was suffered many problems, also his thorax and he needs to surgery in the bottom of his back.


His family life

His mother added that she didn’t hear from him form along time. His parents are old and sick. They face very problems and suffering when they want to visit their sons. His mother is hoping to see her sons after the third one was martyred by the Zionist forces.