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Prisoners Memorial

Magdey Amro

  • Sentance: 1080 years
  • Al Khalil city
Magdey Amro

Taha El-Shakh’sheer

  • Sentence: Life + 15 years
  • Nablus city
Taha El-Shakh’sheer



This is the month for Palestinians to remember their Nakba, or "catastrophe," in which more than 700,000 women, men and children were pushed off their land and rendered homeless refugees by the Israeli attacks before, during and after war in1948.


Murid Salim Al Akhras

Murid Salim Al Akhras
  • The endurance trip
  • Rafah city.

The endurance trip


Name: Murid Salim Al Akhras.

Residence: Rafah city.

Arresting day: December 11th,2001.

He was injured in the intifada. But his didn’t prevent him to continue his struggle against the Zionist occupations forces.


Murid was born in 1982. His family roots back to the occupied city Yafa. He finished his primary and preparatory studying in "D" school. He finished his high study in the Zionist jails. He is single. He has nine brothers. He was the fifth between them.

His activity

He fought the Zionist occupation forces since the beginning of Al Aqsa intifada. He was known with his activity in the Islamic resistance movement Hamas. He joined early to the Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades. He helped his friend in executing the martyrdom operation in Karm Abu Salim cross.   

His character and his ethics

Murid was known that he is cagey man. He was known of his forgiveness with his brothers. He was kind man, especially with the children.

His family

His mother told us that her son Murid was injured when he was defending his area "Yebna neighborhood". His injury was in his hands. He was transferred Abu Yousif Al Najjar hospital. Then, for his serious wounds, he transferred to Al Shifa hospital. The doctors said that his cords was seriously damaged.  

Trip of suffering

His family was shocked for her son news. His mother added that he travelled to Iran for medical treatment, and told them that his situation is getting better. His family was waiting his return from Rafah cross. But the zionist occupation forces arrested him.

The charge

He challenged the investigators and refused to answer the questions, the investigators tortured him more aggressively. He refused to exhibit his sorry about what he had done.

The occupation directed many charges to him. The main charges were:

1-    belonging to resistance faction.

2-    Participating in operations against the Zionist army

3-    Preparing martyrdoms.

4-    Participating attacking the zionist settlements.

5-    Throwing grenades.

6-    Planting land bombs to the zionist patrols.

Hard soul

After many meetings in the military court, he sentenced him for a life. Despite his difficult conditions in the prison, he joined to the university and he make a good progress in his field.

His family directed a message to Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades to hold Shalit to free her son and the Palestinian prisoners.