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Prisoners Memorial

Akram Abd’Allah Qasem

  • Mastermind of the Ein E’reik Operation
  • Jabalia city
Akram Abd’Allah Qasem

Nabil Mdeires Mohammed Abu Okal

  • Man of hard soul
  • Jabalya refugee camp
Nabil Mdeires Mohammed Abu Okal



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Nasser Sami Yataima

Nasser Sami Yataima
  • Conducting Bark Hotel operation
  • Nablus city

" conducting Bark Hotel operation"


Name: Nasser Sami Abe Al Razik Yataima.

Resident: Tulkarem city.

Arresting area: Nablus city.



Nasir was born in July 1st,1977 in Tulkarem city. he is unmarried. His family consists of 14 members, 7 brothers and 5 sister. His family live in the east side of Nablus.


He finished his primary and preparatory studying in the UNRWA schools in Nablus city. then he moved to finished his high studying in the governmental school in the city in the literary department.


His activity in the first intifada:

He participated in throwing stones on the Zionist soldiers. One of his friends said that he was in every corner has a confrontation with the Zionist soldiers.


When he joined  to the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, he was known with his activity in his area. He was distrusting statements for the sake of Hamas. He was making the earthwork to the Zionist vehicles. And he was hanging the flags.


His work:

After he finished his high studying. He directed to the work to help his father and his family. He worked in painting cars and vehicles. After a while, he managed to open his own garage. He became a professional man.


He had  a nice voice, so he began to sing in the "Islamic wedding parties". By his songs, he was urging the youths to resist the occupation.


Al Aqsa intifada:

From the first week, he insisted on joining  Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades to resist the occupation. He has many friends as Amir Al Hudairi, Mohammed Shahrur and Muhannad Shurim. He began to plan to attack the military carriers, check points and the Zionist settlements.


In the first to the Zionist invasion to Tulkarem city, he began to resist the  Zionist forces in the narrow streets. All his friends were in shock. No one was expect that Nasir is a member in Al Qassam Brigades. Finally Nasir and his friends managed to force the Zionist forces to pull out.


In Al Qassam Brigades:

After he joined to the Brigades, he worked with the leader Nashat Thulthin. After a long time of pursuit, Nashat was martyred in a clash with the Zionist forces. Nasser looked for a new group.


He joined to the group  of the third engineer in the Brigade Muhannad Al Tahir. He participated in preparing to the "Bark Hotel operation" in Natanya. This operation led to the death of more than 30 Zionist settlers.


The arrest

The Zionist forces surrounded the old city in Nablus city. He clashed with the Zionist forces until his ammunition run out. He was arrested. The forces took him to Al Jalama investigation center.


After a sever torture, he was sentenced for a life. The accusations were:


·       Executing martyrdom operations.

·       Planning to martyrdom operations.

·       Preparing the explosive devices to the martyrdom operations.

·       Forming military groups to Al Qassam Brigades