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Prisoners Memorial

Fadi Mohammad El-Ju’ba

  • Sentence: 18 Life sentences
  • Al Khalil city
Fadi Mohammad El-Ju’ba

Salah Al Awawda

  • Turned his jail to school
  • Dora city
Salah Al Awawda



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Omar Al-Ghoul

Omar Al-Ghoul
  • Sentenced: life long prison
  • An-Nusairat Camp

An-Nusairat Camp


Name: Omar Mahmoud Al-Ghoul.

Resident: An-Nusairat Camp.

Sentenced: life long prison.


Since 1948, the Zionist occupation invaded Palestine killed thousands of innocents destroyed everything claiming their legitimate existence in what so-called "Israel" BUT, Palestinian people still fight this metastatic tumor.


Here are... one of these heroes >>>


Deep Roots:


Omar Mahmoud Al-Ghoul was born in 1962. He has six children: the martyr Omran, the prisoner Mahmoud, Ibrahim, Ismail, and two other daughters; all of them are waiting his return. He grew between his kind parents; his father, Mahmoud Jaber Al-Ghoul "Abu Khadir", is considered a symbol of resistance in "Herebia" village where he was expelled from in 1948 by the Zionist occupation.


Mahmoud and Shawqee Al-Ghoul were leaders of mujahdeen; they were at the first rows of the army that addressed the Zionist occupation and defeated it. This thing made Omar's father great man in all surrounding villages.


Omar's family migrated from Herebia to Gaza in 1948, stayed there for two months, and then moved to Rafah. After two years, that was very hard and tough, his father moved to Dair Al-Balah camp. He worked in smuggling water pumps from Herebia to the people of the camp. Zionist forces discovered his smuggling and surrounded his house, but he succeeded to flee to Gaza city.


After that, all of them moved to "An-Nosayrat" camp, where the father bought piece of land in "Al-Moghraqa" district and lived there the rest of his life. The family has been living there since 1965.


The death of the father:


On February 2nd, 1977, Omar's father passed away as a result of stroke. Omar was so sad because he missed the man who thought him the meaning of dignity and Jihad. He used to tell his friends proudly about his great father.  


Honorable Biography:


The prisoner, Abu Omran, started his Jihad in 1982 with his brother, the Qassam leader, Adnan Al-Ghoul and the prisoner Mohammed Hassan; his group was consisting of 7 mujahedeen.


Omar participated in many operations, some are:


The bombing of the control tower of the Zionists in "An-Nosayrat" camp on Gaza shore.


The bombing of a tank on Salah a-Din Street in Gaza City.


Clash with the Zionist forces at the Karni crossing.


Participation in the prosecution of the traitors and who cooperate with the Zionists.


In 1986, The Knight Commander Omar Al-Ghoul, with a group from Shijaia neighborhood, escaped from the prisons of the Zionist occupation in Gaza "As-Saraya", and martyred after a clash with the Zionists, and then he was chased and captured with his brother Adnan al-Ghoul. Omar was captured at that time with his brother Mujahid Mohammed Hassan.


On the following day, the Zionist enemy has issued a decision to release the captive Mohammed Mujahid Hassan compared the emergence of weapons and equipment which was owned by Al-Ghoul family.


When the Zionist enemy saw these weapons and army uniforms, which Omar had taken from a Zionist tank before, they were surprised. The commander Omar remained in prison for an entire year.




In 1987, at 10:30 pm, more than 300 of Zionist soldiers sneaked accompanying with other tanks to capture 3 of the mujahedeen whom are Omar Al-Ghoul, Adnan Al-Ghoul, and Mohammed Hassan.


At that night, the Zionist forces surrounded Omar's House, and many of the soldiers sneaked on the roof. He was at home; despite all dangers, he came to see his two-year baby who had to have a surgery.


In the same night, Omar and Mohammed were captured while the Zionist army waited at Al-Ghoul house for 3 days in order to capture "Abu Belal".


The Zionist Sentence:


At the court, the Zionist officer said to Omar and his friend Mohammed: "If there was death penalty, we would sentence you with", but Omar replied him with some verses of the holy Quran.


He was sentenced with life long prison. His family heard this unfair sentence through radio because the Zionist forces got them out of the court. It was really so hard, but the Palestinian people used to deal with such ordeals.


After all this, he has been transferred to Al-Majdal prison. He stayed there for 5 years and then was transferred to the prison of Nafha so far.


Together in prison:


We have to say that the Zionist forces captured Omar's son "Mahmoud" on Friday, June 27th, 2003. The Zionist forces surrounded his house, clashed with them. At the end, Omran martyred, and Mahmoud was captured. Also, one soldier was killed, and others were injured. Mahmoud was treated for 4 months at Ar-Ramla hospital, and then moved to investigation.


Al-Ghoul family suffers the absence of the father and the son who was going to marry just before a week from his capture.