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Prisoners Memorial

Akram Al-Basyouni

  • Sentenced: 6 Years
  • Beit Hanoun city
Akram Al-Basyouni

Ahlam Mazen At-Tamimi

  • You killed the Palestinian children
  • West Bank
Ahlam Mazen At-Tamimi



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Ahmed Al-Qidra

Ahmed Al-Qidra
  • Sentenced: 19 Years
  • Khanyounis city


Knight behind bars


Name: Ahmed Shukri Al-Qidra.

Nick Name: Abu Obaida.

Sentenced: 19 Years.




Ahmed Shukri Ibrahim Al-Qidra "Abu Obaida" was born in 1982 in "Al-Ain" city in the UAE. Because he is Palestinian, he should be clever in all fields. He did good marks in elementary and preparatory grades in the UAE, and after finishing his secondary study, he moved to Palestine to study business management at Al-Quds Open University.


Ahmed was brave. He supported his courage with physical power; he liked practicing different sports like football, tennis, gymnastic and others.


With his parents:


Obeying parents was his main goal in his life; he was asking them to please him. His relations with relatives were good, and he used to visit them continually. He was kind with all people, especially, his neighbors. Ahmed had a strong identity; he did not afraid of anyone but Allah.    




On December 22th, 2002, on his way to Gaza city, Abu Houli checkpoint was closed from both sides. Ahmed fell in capture after the Zionist soldiers had checked out the cars.


Unfair list of charges:


After being captured, Ahmed faced many charges; some of which are:


Belonging to Hamas movement and participating in her events.

Belonging to Al-Qassam brigades.

Occupancy of military materials and explosives.

Planning to perform a martyrdom operation.


But the Zionists do not know that these charges are honorable things for all Palestinians.


Six months later, Abu Obaida was sentenced to imprisonment for 19 years; he finished 8 years till now.


Between Prisons:


All prisoners should move between the Zionist prisons. Ahmed beginning was in Erez prison, and then he moved to Negev, Nafha and Hadarim where he stays up till now. He is being treated severely due to his honorable positions.


No Visit:


Since two years, Ahmed has been unpermitted to be visited as all Gazan prisoners. Before that, his father was only allowed to visit him after coordinating with the Red Cross.