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Prisoners Memorial

Hamada Alderawi

  • Member of the Special Unit
  • Al Nusierat city
Hamada Alderawi

Tamir Mahmoud Al Draini

  • The symbol of endurance
Tamir Mahmoud Al Draini



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Anees Libda

Anees Libda
  • Sentenced: Unknown
  • Khanyounis city

Rock man

Name: Anees  Sed-ki Hasan Abu Libda.

Residence: Khanyounis city.

Sentence: Unknown.

As a young man, the person thinks how to earn money, how to get married, or how to travel abroad; but this hero thought in one thing how to kick out this enemy which killed his people and stole his land.


He is Anees  Sed-ki Hasan Abu Libda; A Qassam prisoner in the Zionist jails. He was born in Khanyounis city south of the Gaza strip. He was very kind with his parents, his mother said that he was checking her every morning before he went to his work.

Anees  entered the mosque at his childhood, and he took care of it. He used to clean it with friends in the mosque.

He finished his primary & prep. Stages in the UNRWA schools, then he finished his secondary stages in average Good, he insist to continue his studying in the university, he joined to the Islamic university.

In prison:


In the beginning of the holy month Ramadan in September 26th, 2008, Anees was arrested near Gaza border, on Friday, Anees went in a mission with his friends, his assignment monitoring one of the Zionist targets in the Eastern area of Khanyounis city.


The area name is As-sraig Gate, the Zionist special forces ambushed them, and took them to known destination.



The Zionist court accused Anees with:

1.    Joining to the Islamic resistance movement Hamas.

2.    Joining Al Qassam Brigades.

3.    Monitoring the eastern area of Khanyounis city.


Moving between prisons:

During his arrest, Anees  was transferred between many Zionist jails. He moved between As-Qalan & Shikma, and now he is still waiting his sentence.

Anees  suffered from the solitary detention, especially, in the first months of arrest.

No visit:

As all Palestinian families, Anees's family suffered a lot because they could not visit him continually. During this Intifada, they have not visited him since he was arrested.

Nowadays, no one is allowed to visit him, because he is from Gaza strip, it should be mention that all Gaza prisoners are deprived from seeing their families.