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Yahya Ayyash ( 1966-1996)

Yahya Ayyash was one important leader in Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades. He was born on March 6, 1966 in Rafat near Nablus. He was married in 1992 and has two sons.

He Completed his secondary school in Rafat with an excellent grade that qualified him to study engineering at Beir Zeit University, Received a Bachelor's degree of electrical engineering in 1988, he Became active in Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades from the beginning of 1992.

 He specialized in making explosives from raw materials available in the Palestinian territories. Later he developed the martyrdom bombings following the massacre of Al Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in February 1994. Yahya was considered responsible for the martyrdom bombings, which made him a major target for the Zionists.

Yahya Ayyash did all kind techniques operations in Al-Qassam Bridges and that  earned him the nickname of "The Engineer" and the adulation of thousands. He was a genuinely dangerous man as they said. 


The Occupation Forces had many tries to catch Yahya Ayyash but failed. However, they caught up to him by the Israeli Shin Bet on January 5, 1996 in the Gaza Strip. Israeli agents were able to compromise one of Ayyash's fellow Hamas members, His cellular phone had stopped working, and he was given another one full of explosives by the uncle of a friend. It blew up while he was talking on it, taking most of his head with it. The uncle disappeared.

Israel did not confirm or deny its role in assassinating Ayyash , On the streets of Gaza, Palestinians were quick to assume Israel killed Ayyash, while others refused to believe the infamous Engineer was dead.

His funeral was attended by a hundred thousand of  people, and that was the Zionist media account. Hamas vowed to avenge the death of this martyr. Arafat also denied the assassination, although there was some suspicion that the Israelis were helped by Palestinians unsympathetic to Hamas .


His family

The Zionist authorities prevent his family to visit his grave in Gaza and they claim that make a big risk on them but on the other hand Yahya's suns are committed in the mosques and they love to meet the martyr's suns in a center in Ramalla every Eid . They remember every detail on their father and still talking about him in all occasions  but the occupation forces still annoying them .

Like father like sun, Baraa wants to be genius engineer like father to continue his message and resist the Israeli occupation.


Quotes :

"It is public knowledge that Yahya Ayyash underwent plastic surgery. I personally knew the man on the right from late January of 1996 through the middle of June, 1997 as Damien Hachey, who declared that he was Palestinian" an English writer

"No words can describe such human sacrifice" ( Filastin Al-Muslimah)


"I am proud to be his sun because he was resisting the Zionist occupation and he is a hero as all people know" Baraa said


"Thanks god to what we had, it is honor to us that my sun is a martyr he lived and will remain alive in the hearts and minds of all people" Yahya's  father



"He lives with me every day and there is no difference between him and all other Palestinian martyrs and she is proud of him" his mother


 "When the people carry me on their shoulders in Hamas celebrations, I feel with a big proud ness" the other sun