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Anniversary of "Devotion of the Free" Swap Deal

Anniversary of

"If one episode of this epic is finished there are others that we will go through till all prisoners are released" Al Qassam Brigades, 2011.

For many decades, Israel instilled in our minds the idea that Palestinian freedom fighters are "hopeless cases" that would only leave jail on their way to their graves!!

The swap deal, "Devotion of the Free", has proved that for Palestinian political and resistance prisoners, spending one's life and dying in an Israeli jail is not and doesn't have to be an ineluctable fate.

This is as a strategic gain for the resistance as well as a huge morale booster for the prisoners, still languishing in Israeli jails, and their families and beloved ones.

The resistance is demonstrating that its way pays off, because Israel knows only the language of real politik, in other word the language of force.