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On 30th anniversary.. Hamas: Jerusalem will remain Arab and Islamic

On 30th anniversary.. Hamas: Jerusalem will remain Arab and Islamic

The Islamic Resistance Movement “ Hamas” stated on the 30th anniversary of its founding that Jerusalem will remain Palestinian, Arab and Islamic despite of all Judaizaition  attempts.

Hamas assured that all unjust decisions to declare Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli Occupation and to relocate the US Embassy to it are considered desperate attempts and cannot revoke the national and religious rights of the Palestinian people there.

Hamas asserted that it chose with full determination and consciousness the path of reconciliation and unity and it will not allow anyone to foil it. It also affirmed that the Palestinian people will remain united and adherent to the choice of resistance until restoring their homeland.

Hamas reiterated its call to all national factions to unite and shoulder the national responsibility on the basis of protecting rights, safeguarding national principles and rejecting all forms of collaboration with the Israeli occupation.

Hamas added that the role of the Palestinian Authority is to provide security for  the Palestinian people and protect their national issues, asserting that the Palestine Liberation Organization, which is the national framework for the Palestinian people at home and abroad, must be developed on a democratic bases.

Hamas emphasized that the Right of Return of the refugees to their homes which they were expelled from, whether in the Occupied Land in 1948 or during 1967, is a natural and inalienable right granted by divine laws, basic principles of Human Rights and International Laws and  that no one  has the right to abandon it.  

Hamas also praised the countries  supporting the rights of the Palestinian people and the international movements which combat the Israeli Occupation, namely BDS

It denounced the insistence of the British government to adopt the historical sin of the Balfour Declaration and its refusal to apologize for it.

Hamas stated that it adopts the policy of openness to various countries in the world, especially the Arab and Islamic world, and seeks to build balanced relations based on the requirements of the Palestinian cause and the interests of the Palestinian people.