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    Military Communiqué


    "Warning of Explosion" an operation compound of car bombs, carried out by Al Qassam Brigades in Karm Abu Salim site


    Despite the illegal siege and conspiracies which are executed against the Palestinian people in Gaza, Al Qassam Brigades and the resistance men don't hesitate to defend the Palestinian people in Gaza. Al Qassam Brigades defeated the elite Zionist forces. Today ,Al Qassam Brigades announced the following operation:-


    At 06:00, on Saturday morning 19th of April,2008, four bombed cars advanced towards Karm Abu Salim military site, which is considered as one of the most powerful Zionist military sites in Gaza Strip.


    The cars succeeded to reach behind the enemy lines, carrying large quantities of explosive materials with a group of Mujahideen, under the cover of heavy mortar shells. The Zionist garrison of military site came under heavy fire from heavy machine unit attribution which participated in this process.


    when the cars had arrived the military position, the Mujahideen detonated two cars inside the site, they left a car bomb at the gate of the site. The fourth car withdrew and the third car exploded in front of the site later. The Mujahid who withdrew after the operation and our private sources confirmed that it left a number of dead and wounded, while the Zionist enemy claimed that 13 Zionist soldiers were wounded, one of the Zionist soldiers is in a clinical death.


    The martyrs of the martyrdom operation:

    Martyr: Khasan Medhat Irhaim                  Al-Zaytoun neighborhood / Gaza

    Martyr: Ahmad Abu Seliman                      Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood/ Rafah

    Martyr: Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Samra        Dair Al-Balah / central Gaza


    Al Qassam Brigades is responsible for the operation, affirmed the following:


    1. This process will go to the besieged Palestinian people and in particular to the martyrs of siege , the martyrs of the Zionist holocaust , the prisoners in the Zionist jails and the lives of our leaders in memory of martyrdom.
    2.  This process is such a warning for the beginning of ending the siege by Al Qassam Brigades in its own way and the Zionist enemy who commits a Holocaust in Gaza Strip.
    3. Al Qassam Brigades will do unmatched operations against the Zionist forces, and today's operation with it's quality and procedures confirms that Al Qassam Brigades has dozens of military potions.
    4. Al Qassam message to the Palestinian people ,"we are you Army and soldiers , we are fighting  the Zionist forces to get back your rights and to avenge our martyrs" . Al Qassam Brigades will not be hesitated a moment to do its best.


    These operations are  part of the response campaign against the occupation assault on the Gaza Strip, and the continued targeting of innocent Palestinian civilians and their installations in the West Bank.

    Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

    Information Office

    April 19th, 2008