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Israeli occupation is responsible for recent escalation

Israeli occupation is responsible for recent escalation

Al Qassam website - Gaza- Ezzedeen al Qassam Brigades the military wing of Hamas confirmed in a press conference that it is impossible to talk about  calm between us and the occupation at the time it shelling and committing massacres against our people, asserting that the blood of our people is valuable, can not be wasted and we will never allow enemy to shed it.

Abu Obeida said in a press conference held on Saturday afternoon 9/4 at the Shawa and Hosari tower that Zionist occupation is responsible for the recent escalation in Gaza, although the insistence of the Zionist enemy and his arrogance in committing crimes against our people will never deter us from  doing our duty in responding on his continued aggression.

He stated that we and all other revolutionaries of our nation and the free world are going on our way of Jihad and revolution against the occupiers  and usurpers till the liberation of Palestine and the expulsion of the Zionist invaders, God willing,"

Abu Obeida said ” Zionist enemy is still committing crimes while insisting on practicing his only hobby of murder, devastation and destruction, saying Israeli occupation in March and the recent April has escalated his onslaught against our people seriously by targeting civilians and men of resistance alike, taking the advantage of international silence.

Visit the statement of Abu Obeida from here

In this time, Israeli airstrikes on Gaza renewed late Saturday killing a Palestinian and injuring four others.

A Zionist drone-fired missile targeting Al Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City injured four people, two critically, and killed Raed Zuhair Al-Bar, 30, medics confirmed.