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Prisoners Memorial

Munther Yousif Zona

  • The man from his child
  • Hebron city
Munther Yousif Zona

Jamal Al Awawda

  • The leader
  • Dora city
Jamal Al Awawda



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Nahed Abed Al Kader Hmaid

Nahed Abed Al Kader Hmaid
  • Detaining: 2007
  • Biet Hanoun city


The mujahid Nahed Abed Al Kader Hmaid was born on February 12th, 1980 in Biet Hanoun city in northern Gaza Strip. Zionist forces exiled him from his hometown Sdod,  which was occupied by the Zionist occupation forces in the Nakba in 1948.

He grew up between his patient family in the mujahideen camp "Jabalya", where he received Islamic education at the hands of his father who taught him the ethics of Islam, and where he suck dignity, honor and courage from his mother's milk.

Nahed had his primary and preparatory education in the schools of the refugee relief agency in the camp, then he worked to help his father in financing the family.

His father used to depend on him in performing each of his affairs, where he was always helping his father in many of his concerns, and he was very sympathetic to his parents and compassion to them. Not only his parents who enjoyed his kindness, but all of his family members whom he was visiting and sharing all events.

Hamas member:

Nahed had joined the Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas - since childhood, he was committed to the Koran teaching classes in a mosque near his house, and he was also a member of the Jerusalem Scout group, where he was involved in many of the events.

Nahed participated in all activities of Hamas movement like marches, festivals and summer camps; and had a major role in the mosque where many young people entered the mosque on his hands.


The capture of the hero was on 12/6/2007, Zionist forces invaded Beit Hanoun city and surrounded his house. They entered and detained him.

Trial ... The accusations against the prisoner:

Nahed was provided to the Zionist illegal Court, where he faced a single charge, namely: Joining Hamas movement.

The court is delaying his sentence since 2007.

The suffering of the prisoner

As all Palestinian prisoners' families, Nahed's family suffers from the visit. They face the worst treatment that the Zionist occupation practices all kinds of humiliation against them. Most of the time, the Zionist occupation prevent them from the visit after a long trip of suffering.

The visit to take place indirectly, as the dialogue and the meeting is through (telephone) connected between the prisoner and his family. The prisoner sit in a room of glass, and the duration of the visit is 45 minutes. The Zionist soldiers deliberately used to "noise" on the phone connected between the prisoner and his family.

Hope of meeting ..

Nahed's family are counting the seconds, minutes, and nights waiting for the return of Nahed impatiently, Nahed has left - as they say - a huge vacuum behind.