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Prisoners Memorial

Tamer Mahmoud Ad-Draine

  • The Protector of Palestine
  • Jabalia camp
Tamer Mahmoud Ad-Draine

Mohammed Hassan

  • Sentenced: 12 years.
  • Al-Moghraka district
Mohammed Hassan



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Yehya Ibrahim Sinwar

Yehya Ibrahim Sinwar
  • Sentence: 451 years
  • Khanyounis city

Founder of Hamas Security Branch “Majd”


Name: Yehya Ibrahim Sinwar

Nickname: Abu Ibrahim

Birth date: October 29th, 1962

Hometown: El-Majdal (Asqalan)

Sentence: 451 years


Silent, active, and possesses a unique ability to dialogue and persuade people to revert back to Islam as a way of life.




Yehya was born on October 29, 1962 to a family that was uprooted from Al-Majdal in 1948. They were refugees living in Khan Younis refugee camp. Yehya’s father, Ibrahim, described his son’s life saying, “Yehya’s life was full of agony due the Zionist aggression. Since his childhood, he was determined to resist the occupation.




In Khan Younis schools, Yahya was a distinguished student among his classmates. And during his university study at the Islamic University of Gaza, Yehya was a pioneer in establishing the Islamic bloc to help students have a fuller university life that is constructive towards freedom.


Studying at University and managing the Islamic Bloc, Yehya also worked in the construction sector to secure finances to cover his expenses and activities. He was doing this while filling the posts of president, vice-president, sports coordinator, and arts coordinator in the Islamic University student council.


Early Jihad:


In 1982, Yehya was arrested as he and other member of the student council visited Palestinian female students who were victims to a poisoning attempt by Zionists in Jenin. He was sentenced to 6 months of administrative detention in El-Far’a prison. The charge was participation in Islamic activities. Imprisonment did not dissuade Yehya from continuing along the path of jihad. He came out of prison more determined to take another pioneering step.


Majd Security Apparatus:


After a series of meetings with Sheikh Ahmad Yassin in 1984-1985, Yehya established a security network for the Islamic Movement. The apparatus was named Majd. Yehya and Rawhi Mushtaha founded a complex network of security personnel divided into cells all over the Gaza Strip. The main tasks of Majd were to monitor the activities of collaborators and occupation installations in the Gaza Strip.


The Intifada Breaks Out:


Majd worked in secret since its establishment in 1985 till the eruption of the first Intifada. There were no proclamations of the work, while others on the Palestinian scene took credit for the work.


On 20 January 1988, Yehya was placed under administrative detention for his student activities. The interrogators did not discover his security work. But a month later, Rawhi Mustaha was arrested after an explosive device he was preparing detonated prematurely. Zionist interrogators tortured Rawhi through his injured arm, and discovered Majd. As a result, Yehya was returned to the interrogation chambers, where he was severely tortured for 6 weeks. But he succeeded in limiting the damage to a small circle of operatives, and the rest of the apparatus remained active.


And in 1989, Hamas conducted its first high-profile military operation by kidnapping and killing two Zionist soldiers. The interrogators who thought that they had imprisoned all of Hamas’ security and military branches were in total shock.


The occupation conducted a widespread arrest campaign that led to the discovery of a number of Hamas activities. But the spark had been struck.


Military Tribunal:

In the sentencing hearing, Yehya was an example of pride and determination. When asked if he regretted his action or is asking for mercy from the court, he replied, “I ask you to sentence me to death. My blood will be the first spilt; and it will be a torch for other Mujahideen to follow.” He was sentenced for 426 years.


Jihad in Prison:


Yehya has been held in many prisons, and in solitary confinement for long periods of time. Yet the jailers were always in awe of him, fulfilling many of his wishes. His mother said that her son was in El-Ramla prison. The prison chief at the time was terrible, treating prisoners with utmost cruelty. Yehya and Rawhi decided to pour boiling water on his face. The prison chief suffered burns.


Furthermore, Yehya attempted to break out of prison a number of times. He was nearly successful on a number of occasions, with attempts being discovered just before execution.


And nearly 6 months ago, the Zionists discovered a plan by Yehya to kidnap occupation soldiers and exchange them for Palestinian prisoners. He was sentenced for an additional 25 years as a result.




Yehya’s mother was sad when she talked about the ban on visits to her son. She has been deprived of visiting her sons for months. But she is hopeful that the situation will improve and she will visit her son.