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Prisoners Memorial

Magdey Amro

  • Sentance: 1080 years
  • Al Khalil city
Magdey Amro

Mustafa Ahmed Al-Astal

  • Sentence: 17 years
  • Khanyounis city
Mustafa Ahmed Al-Astal



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Malik Bekirat

Malik  Bekirat
  • Sentence: For life
  • Tulkarem city

The family of sacrifices

Name: Malik Bekirat.

Residence: Tulkarem city.  

Hometown: Jerusalem city.



Malik was born in July 8th1979, in Jerusalem city. His family roots back to the occupied city Jerusalem, which was  occupied in 1948. He has fourteen brothers and sisters. He finished his primary and preparatory studying in "The Arabian academy". Then his family moved to live in Tulkarem city. He finished his high study in Tulkarem schools. He joined to the PE department in Khadori university. He worked as a teacher in the orphan schools.  



The arrest trip was long. In 1993, the Zionist occupation forces arrested him from his school. He was moved to Damond investigation center. He stayed there for more than 90 days. The Zionist investigators used all kinds of rudeness during the investigation.


The investigators didn’t manage to force him to confess. So the Zionist administration released him. After he came out of his prison, he got married. However ,  the Zionist forces didn’t give him any chance to make a family and live in happy.


He was arrested after six months of his marriage. The Zionist forces tried to convict him in killing a Zionist settler, attacking a casino and trying to kill a spy. He stayed more than 70 days in the cells. He exposed to hard torture.


After that, the Zionist forces brought him to his house. He was transferred to many jails. His mother said that the Zionist court sentenced him, after a year of jail, for a life.


His wife didn’t live with him more than six months. But she decided to wait him. She said " I lived with him for short time, but I loved him for his compassion". She added " I had my little girl when he was in the prison, lina, his daughter didn’t see him".     



The Zionist forces prevented his mother to visit her son for eight months. Also, the Zionist forces prevented his father from visiting his son. The Zionist forces arrested Malik's father when he came to visit him under the claim that he was intend to smuggle a mobile to him. In 2004, the Zionist court sentenced his father for eight months.