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Prisoners Memorial

Emad yousef Rehan

  • School of patience
  • Nablus city
Emad yousef Rehan

Tamer Mahmoud Ad-Draine

  • The Protector of Palestine
  • Jabalia camp
Tamer Mahmoud Ad-Draine



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Rami Abu Mustafa

Rami Abu Mustafa
  • Man with Sharp Eyes
  • Khanyounis city



Name: Rami Suleiman Abdullah Abu Mustafa.

Residence: Khanyounis city.

Sentence: Twenty Years.


Rami Mustafa was born in March 27th, 1980, in Khanyounis city, his family roots backs to  the occupied city Beer As-Saba'a, Rami was known as calm man, he was clever, his mother said that he was playing with kids.


His study:

He finished his primary & prep. stages in the UNRWA schools, his teachers said that he was a brilliant student, so they put him in a math competition in 1995, he took the first place, after that he joined special school for the talented pupils, he finished high school with an average Very Good in 1998.  


At university:

He joined the Islamic university in engineering department, so worked as an architect, he didn't continue because of his arrest in October, 2002.vIn his jail, he joined the university and continued his studying in the political department.


His family:

His family was very humble, he has five brothers and sisters, everybody loves him, he was very careful to gain the satisfaction of his parents, he was generous with the kids in his neighborhood.



In October, 2002, Rami directed to the university as all the Palestinian students, the Zionist held a military checkpoint, then began to search the Palestinian cars, when the Zionist soldiers reached the care he was sit in it, they tied him and took u=him to unknown destination. The soldiers asked the driver to tell his family, Rami was directing to Al Majdal prison.



The Zionist court accused Rami with:

1.    Joining to the Islamic resistance movement Hamas.

2.    Joining Al Qassam Brigades.

3.    Monitoring the eastern area of Khanyounis city.

4.    Having military training.

5.    Manufacturing hand grenade.


The Zionist court sentenced him twenty years in October 19th, 2005.


Moving between prisons:

During his arrest, Rami was transferred between many Zionist jails. He moved between Al Madal and Nafha, he spent seven years till now in it.

No visit:

As all Palestinian families, Ramis family suffered a lot because they could not visit him continually. During this Intifada, they have not visited him since he was arrested.

Nowadays, no one is allowed to visit him, because he is from Gaza strip, it should be mention that all Gaza prisoners are deprived from seeing their families.