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Prisoners Memorial

Sheikh Hasan Yousef

  • A Nation in One Man
  • Ramallah city
Sheikh Hasan Yousef

Ashraf Mahmoud Al wawi

  • Escape by digging a tunnel
  • Hebron city
Ashraf Mahmoud Al wawi



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Mohammed Adnan Abu Haddaf

Mohammed Adnan  Abu Haddaf
  • Sentanced for life
  • Khanyounis city


Abu Alaa


Khan Younis


Name: Mohammed Adnan Abu Haddaf.

Residence: Khan Younis.

Date of the arrest: May 29th, 2003.

Sentence: 9 years.




On March 20th, 1984, Mohammed Adnan Abu Haddaf was born in Al-Qarara village in khan Younis; this city which sacrificed her martyrs, one of whom was Alaa Adnan Abu Haddaf, Mohammeds brother who was martyred in 2007. His other brother was released from the Zionist prisons a year before.


Mohammed lived as all Palestinian children who invented their own games because they are prevented by the Zionist occupation to be like the children all over the world. From his early age, he was taught the Islamic virtues.


Mohammed studied in his villages schools until he reached the secondary grade in which he was kidnapped. The Zionist prisoner thought that the prison will defeat the strong desire of Mohammed, but he insisted on continuing his study, and he finished the secondary certificate in prison.


My son:


His mother started her speaking about her beloved son seeking mercy and satisfaction upon him. Since his arrest, the tear has never left his mothers cheek. He was a social and interactive person, so it is hard to miss him suddenly.


Arrest and sentence:


The reason is that you are a Palestinian. On May 29th, 2003, during one of the Zionist incursions on his village, the Zionist forces stormed his house and took him to Kissufim military base. This was the beginning of the trip of suffering.


According to the international law, any occupied people has the right to defend themselves and land against the aggressor, but the Zionist entity does not subject to these rule because it is the beloved son of the super powers in this unfair world. Mohammeds charge was belonging to Hamas movement. A year after his arrest, he was sentenced to imprisonment for 9 years.


Since Mohammed was kidnapped he moved between different prisons starting from temporary one in Erez, then Ashkelon, Nafha, Negev and Nafha again. Now he is in Nafha Zionist prison where he subjects to mistreatment and insult.


The Zionist forces prevented Mohammeds family to visit him since two years. Before that, they were allowing his parents with his brothers under 10 year age.