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Prisoners Memorial

Tareq Sweelim Abu Sabit

  • Sentence: Sixteen years
  • Khanyounis city
Tareq Sweelim Abu Sabit

Malik Bekirat

  • Sentence: For life
  • Tulkarem city
Malik  Bekirat



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Mustafa Ali Ramadan

Mustafa Ali Ramadan
  • The faithful man
  • Khanyounis city


Name: Mustafa Ali Hussien Ramdan.

Residence: Khanyounis city.

Sentence: 17 years.


One can condemn the aggression on civilians but not everyone can do a thing to defend this aggression. Therefore, it is very easy to speak about the history of killing but it is not very easy to make the history of resisting the killing of civilians.


Mustafa was the man Palestinians need to defend their land and history. In Khanyounis, Zionist army continually kills Palestinian children, women & civilians. However, the Zionist army did not stop that aggression; so there was a need for someone to defend the children from being tortured & killed daily by making the Zionist army understand that their crimes will not go without punishment.


Childhood and Education

Mustafa Ramadan was born on June 14th 1973 in Khanyounis city. He completed his primary and preparatory schools in the UNRWA Schools, and then he finished his high school. After that, he joined to Gaza College & has a diploma.


Inside the Prison � 

In December 313th, 1992, Mustafa was arrested from his apartment; the Zionist soldiers took him when he was sleeping. The Zionist jail admintration are forcing the mothers of the prisoners to undress as a punishment to him & to humiliate her.


During one of his mother visiting, he took the advantage of opening the door of the jail visiting and hurried to hug his mother, finally he succeeded but the Zionist soldiers beat him severely for that.




He was transferred between the Zionist jails. The Zionist soldiers were treated him badly. First he transferred to Gaza prison which was called As-Saraya [Before PA comes to Gaza], he spent 99 days, then he was transferred to Al Majdal, he spent their three years.


After that he was transferred to Nafha prison for seven months. In the 4th of December, 1995, the illegal Zionist court sentenced him for (99) years.