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Biography: Asif Mohammed Hanif

Biography: Asif Mohammed Hanif

The birth of Light

In times of complete darkness, selfishness, and deafness there is always a spark of hope, there is always a light coming from no-where, there are very few people who would sacrifice whatever they possess for the sake of others, for the sake of Allah and His religion.

Asif was one of those committed men, who gave his entire life to Palestine in order for her to regain the freedom and dignity. The story began there – in England the birthplace, Asif was born to an ordinary family, on that day trees, rocks in the streets, birds, and everything seemed happy to the arrival of the Hero.

The heron was name Asif by his father Mohammed Hanif, he was a British citizen from Pakistani, and he was born in 1982 in Hounslow, West London. He was a religious person since his teens and attended regularly Hounslow Mosque in his neighborhood from 1994.

Asif  Mohammed Hanif was an able student at Cranford Community School in Hounslow.

The friends confirmed that Asif Mohammed Hanif handed out leaflets urging Muslims to donate to the Palestinian cause in England. He was an active member of the 'Light Study', an international Muslim group with its British base at Hounslow mosque.

The 'Light Study' was led by the Syrian moderate cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi opposed to any violent.

In late 2002, Asif Mohammed Hanif traveled to Damascus, Syria, for studies of Arabic and Islam, where he met later Omar Khan Sharif.

In Damascus Asif Mohammed Hanif, knew the Palestinian students and became closer to the Palestinian dilemma, since then, he has the welling to conduct an act against the Zionist entity who kills the Palestinian children and women.

Asif Mohammed Hanif traveled to Zionist entity through Jordan and entered via Allenby Bridge on 04/12/2003. He claimed to be a peace activist, visited several places in the Palestinian West Bank and the Zionist entity and went to Gaza on 04/24/2003.

In the evening of Wednesday 04/30/2003 Asif Mohammed Hanif blew himself up near the entrance of Mike's Place Club Bar on the promenade of "Tel Aviv".

Asif Mohammed Hanif appeared in a martyr videotape distributed by Ezzedeen Al Qassam website through the internet on 05/08/2003 alongside Omar Khan Sharif.

In the video Asif Mohammed Hanif said "Muslims are being killed every day. It is an honor to kill one of those people [in response to Zionist killing to the Palestinian civilians].