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Biography: Omar khan Sharif

Biography: Omar khan Sharif

The birth of Light

In times of complete darkness, selfishness, and deafness there is always a spark of hope, there is always a light coming from no-where, there are very few people who would sacrifice whatever they possess for the sake of others, for the sake of Allah and His religion.

Omar was one of those committed men, who gave his entire life to Palestine in order for her to regain the freedom and dignity. The story began there – in England the birthplace, Omar was born to an ordinary family, on that day trees, rocks in the streets, birds, and everything seemed happy to the arrival of the Hero.

The hero was name Omar by his father Khan Sharif, he was a British citizen from Pakistan, and he was born in 1976 in UK. He was married to Tahira Tabassum, had 2 children and lived in Derby. 

In the early 1990, Omar  Khan Sharif spent three years at Foremarke Hall, the prep school for Repton. He left Derby to study in London. Omar  Khan Sharif also attended public meetings with his comrades to discuss the Palestinian cause.

He also was a student at the "Shariah school" taught by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad.

Omar  Khan Sharif appeared in a martyr videotape distributed by Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades through the internet on 05/08/2003 alongside Asif Mohammed Hanif. 

In the video Omar confirmed what his friend [Asif] said that "Muslims are being killed every day. It is an honor to kill one of those people [in response to Zionist killing to the Palestinian civilians].